Our Background

Our business history and technology began in the 1980's with some short-term consulting design work on leading edge ceramic waveguide filters. However, we didn't begin in earnest as a full-time operation until the summer of 2003 (12 years ago), when government interest in our technologies spawned new opportunities. These early years could be characterized as a 'paper' consultant shop, helping to stretch the performance envelope of high dynamic range receivers while also publishing application notes and seminars for the leading test equipment companies.

Next, we turned our attention to saving lives by producing high quality microwave frequency converters as an Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) for the ElectroMagnetic Environment (EME) test market, supplying over twenty different products designed to help eliminate the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat.

In order to maintain product quality, we began another growth phase in 2006, bringing production in-house, where higher quality assurance and control standards could be applied. The added staff and equipment allowed us to expand our production throughput and ship hundreds of high performance units to the industry.

Most recently, the changing business environment has found many suppliers struggling to maintain product lines, with delivery lead times growing longer and longer. This, combined with the desire to improve product performance while remaining ecologically friendly, has lead to the development of our own internal component lines specifically designed for outstanding dynamic range and shorter, more stable delivery cycles.

With a growing industry need for broadband microwave converters, fueled by ever faster ADC's/DAC's and what we believe to be leading product performance, our operation was rebranded to KJ Microwave and is poised for wider distribution of our latest technology. We hope we can be of service to you...