Frequency Combiner

Some applications require more than 3 GHz of instantanious bandwidth. Currently, there are Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) that can easily exceed 3 GHz of bandwidth, although their dynamic range falls considerably at these higher bandwidths and is often not useable for many applications. One way around this is to combine two or more AWG's of smaller bandwidth to achieve both broader bandwidths and higher dynamic range.


Option -006 is a frequency combiner that allows two AWG outputs to be combined into a single broadband, high dynamic range signal. Using our combiner option and specialty converter filters, 6.2 GHz of instantanious bandwidth is possible. The more economical fixed frequency converter and combiner option teamed-up with less expensive 3 GHz AWG's can provide greater dynamic range and bandwidth than higher-priced ultra wideband AWG's.