Packaging Technology

The BBC line of converters is packaged in a 1U rackmount (1.73" x 17" x 13" or 44 x 431 x 304 mm) profile and can be equipped either with 19" rackmount ears or with rubber feet for tabletop use. Though the box at 13" deep is small enough to fit in many telecom applications, there is much, much more incorporated in the design...

1U Panel Height Punchprinter

We could go on about our environmentally friendly paints or printed panels that won't ever yellow and are solvent resistant looking good for decades, but let us focus on some enabling details of our design.

Probably the most novel aspect of our packaging is that the 1U box is only half full by design! Why? Well, maybe you would like to add our optional combiner for a 6.2 GHz bandwidth system? Or, on the other hand, maybe you would like to add one of our other growing list of converter bands to the other half of the box to cover a radar band or maybe squeeze in some of your own DSP hardware for a complete system in a box? We provide lots of space for the unexpected or cutting edge genius to keep the 'back of the rack' clutter to a minimum. Better still, the only tool necessary to remove the cover is a paper clip or pen, so adjustments are easy. Best of all, it is all made right here in America in our own shop, under our own high quality control standards.

sidePower EntryDual Fan

But there is still more... How about side air intakes that allow for maximum air flow and have large, long lasting, easy clean filters? Or connectors that conveniently line up with popular arbitrary waveform generators? Perhaps the seperate cooling for each half of the box with redundant fans will be appealing for those who want very cool operation and plenty of margin in the event of a fan failure? In addition, an inner box provides double shielding of the converter to minimize EMI concerns with other equipment located in the same rack. Is raw AC power a concern for your system? We use standard IEC power cords with an EMI filtering power entry module fused on both line and neutral, feeding power conversion modules that support universal inputs from 85 to 250 VAC or 102 to 250 VDC. No supply voltage switches to get messed up, just plug it in. No worries about raw power with a miserly 35 watt consumption including the high power output option. A simple, clean, and uncompromising design makes our packaging easy to work with.