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'Money Specifications' at a Reasonable Price

In the microwave instrumentation market, performance specifications such as Instantaneous Bandwidth, Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR), Inter-Modulation Distortion (IMD), Phase Noise, and Output Power (Po) are often referred to as 'Money Specifications.' The reason for this unusual title is that despite decades of industry optimization, more expensive components are required to achieve better performance on these key analog signal criteria. KJ Microwave's unique system architecture and in-house design and fabrication of critical components, allow us to deliver leading microwave converter performance at a reasonable price.

3.6 GHz of Bandwidth with 70 dBc SFDR!

Our fixed tuned broadband converter products offer instantaneous bandwidths of up to 3.6 GHz with 70 dB of Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR). These cost-effective designs are capable of up- or down-converting signals from 20 GHz to nearly DC, and can provide an economical approach to broadband radar signal synthesis, electromagnetic environment simulation, and communications research.

Now Available in Rackmount or Modular Packaging



  • Fits in standard 1U rack
  • Extra space for DSP hardware
  • High power option
  • Combiner option that provides 6 GHz of bandwidth

Rackmount Up-Converters (UCR)

Rackmount Down-Converters (DCR)

Tunable Rackmount Down-Converters



  • Compatible with Keysight M9505A chassis
  • Comes standard with Low Phase Noise
  • Comes standard with Reference Output Port
  • Comes standard with Baseband Nyquist Filter

Modular Up-Converters (UCA)

Modular Down-Converters (DCA)